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Benefits of Consuming Loose Leaf Tea Tea is a widely known beverage worldwide. There are many ways in which one can take tea. One good way to enjoy tea is to take loose leaf tea. The following are a number of benefits of drinking loose leaf tea. The main difference between loose leaf and tea bags is the leaves’ size. Tea bags have inferior tea leaves which are called fannings or dust. Compared to loose leaf tea, they don’t contain as much medicinal value. There’s a high concentration of nutritional substances in loose leaf tea. Many tea leaves come with plenty of healing antioxidants. When you drink loose leaf tea, you can get lots of health benefits. Tea enables you to prevent weight loss, cholesterol, low blood pressure and cancer, as well as boost your immune system.
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Processing packaged tea reduces its medicinal value. It also causes degradation of the aroma and taste of tea. The essential oils in tea bags are inferior and low-grade. Loose leaf tea has a high concentration of essential oils. This quality results in strong aromas and deep flavors. Actually, this is what enables one to differentiate between tea bags and loose leaf tea. The taste of loose leaf tea is dependent on the tea’s variety. It may taste malty, earthy, sweet, floral or vegetal. Conversely, tea bags may taste fuzzy, muddy, bitter, old or stale.
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There’s a big difference in price between loose leaf tea and tea bags. Brewed loose leaf tea costs less than bagged tea. Tea bags are more convenient to use than loose leaf tea but the convenience comes with a huge price tag. Drinking tea needs to be a relaxing experience. To get this feeling, you can take loose leaf tea. You should make loose leaf tea to have tea that makes you relax. Don’t go for the inferior alternative. When shopping for tea bags you’ll realize they don’t come in many varieties. Thus, you can only choose what the supermarkets have. There are 4 main types of tea: black, oolong, green and white. Each classification comes with several varieties of tea. When purchasing loose leaf tea you’ll get many varieties to select from. You can opt for various types of tea and try them out to find the ones that you like. With several types of tea, you’ll enjoy making and drinking tea. For the best quality, the tea has to be fresh and young. Bagged tea lacks the kind of freshness found in loose leaves. Some tea bags are over 18 months old, so they aren’t fresh and may not taste good. Tea bags are processed using chemicals. They’re added to boost their aroma, add flavor and increase their shelf life. This makes them bad for the environment. Conversely, loose leaf tea contains no chemicals.