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What to Know When Ordering at a Siamese Restaurant One fun thing about traveling is getting to try different foods. You can even try some very exotic new foods without traveling very far from home. Vacationing to a place like Las Vegas can be less expensive than traveling around the world, but still offer you a wide variety of foods. When making your list of foods to try, don’t forget to put Siamese food on your list. In order to fully enjoy your experience, here are some tips about Siamese food and culture. First of all, you should know that there are not courses. All of the food needed for the meal is brought at the same time. People also don’t order their own personal plates. Typically, the number of dishes matches the number of people, but all of the dishes are shared among all present. For this reason meals are more enjoyable with more people because of the wider variety of foods to enjoy. You shouldn’t eat at a Siamese restaurant on your own as it is considered bad luck. Throwing away leftovers is also considered bad luck. Throwing away food can cause famine because it will make the god of rice angry. Traditional Siamese dishes revolve around being salty, sweet, sour, and spicy. Dishes are considered very satisfying if they have all four of these flavors. Desserts are also not as elaborate as we are used to eating. Most are fresh fruit or rice cakes. Western utensils are used, but a large spoon is held in the right hand in place of a knife. You don’t put all the food you want on your plate, instead you eat it one piece at a time.
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Anything you eat at this restaurant will probably be served with rice. Meats and seafoods come in a wide variety. Several vegetables also worked into every meal. Sometimes a soup is also served. Garlic and pepper are main spices that are usually incorporated into each meal. You may also order noodles even though rice is the main side dish.
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One dish that you must try if you go to a Siamese restaurant is a green, red, or yellow curry. It has a flavor all its own even though it uses a lot of Indian spices. Basil, lemongrass, and ginger blend together to create a unique flavor. Most dishes are prepared in a steel wok as to be able to mix all of the flavors well. Trying foods from other cultures shouldn’t be something that you are afraid to try. You may get hooked and want to make it at home for yourself. Invite all of your friends to go with you in order to truly experience Siamese food at its finest.