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Types and Advantages of Oven Cooking

An oven is a chamber that is thermally insulated and its mainly used for baking, heating or drying of items. Europe can be said to be the first founders of ovens used for roasting and boiling substances. The most current ovens are high-tech in terms of cooking.

There are various types of ovens. A double oven as the name suggests has two ovens or a microwave oven and an oven. The double oven is usually attached to the kitchen cabinet.

A gas oven being another type of oven was being used by various people as a gas stove to prepare food. After some time a temperature regulator was added to the gas oven. Cleaning of the gas ovens was made easier by an enamel coating that was added to them.

Microwave oven is a kind of oven that utilizes micro radiation waves as their source of heat so as to cook food.

Toaster ovens are small types of electric ovens with a removable baking pan. An earth oven as the name suggests is a form of a pit dug into the ground and then heated. These types of ovens are slow in cooking.

Ceramic oven is made up clay and other earthenware material and its form depend on different cultures.

Wall ovens are mounted on the wall, and they accommodate big roasting pans due to their large size.

. There are some Factors to consider when buying an oven. Make sure it has a self-governing test lab. Give the right info to the manufacturer for contacting in case of any possible danger. Make sure your oven is properly installed.

Safety measures to take when using an oven. Cooking should never be left unattended. The oven should be kept clean since food particles can cause fire. Make sure you watch how you are dressed such as tie long hair on the back and roll up clothes that may be long to prevent them from catching fire. When cooking make sure the gas is well fixed to prevent leakage since this can cause fire.

No food should be left in the oven since an oven is not meant for storage. Preheating the oven having not put the racks well can cause scorching.

In case of fire in the oven keep the door closed and turn off the source of heat.

The gain of cooking using an oven. An oven cooks fast thus saving energy. The flavor or texture of food is not affected by being reheated in an oven. Nutrients are preserved when oven cooking compared to when pan cooking. When cooking using an oven the even distribution of food enables food to cook uniformly. Food doesn’t stick on the sides of cooking dishes and this makes cleaning easy. Only food is heated when using an oven and not the utensils unless the heating is prolonged.

Its healthy to eat baked food rather than deep fried foods since they are low in fat.

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