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Top Things that a Homeowner Should Know About the Floating Bathroom Vanity

When the time comes to remodel the bathroom, many homeowners consider opting for a different vanity style. Most people know about double vanities and single vanities; however, they may not know as much about the floating bathroom vanity. There are several reasons to opt for this type of vanity. Continue reading to see if this is a good option for a particular home.

The vanity hangs on the wall which makes it a space saving option for small bathrooms. The space underneath the vanity provides additional storage. If you are short on space, a hanging vanity is an easy way to create more without making the room look overly crowded.

Floating vanities add a lot of impact to the room. Many are designed to be the focal point of the room. Think of them as one would think of a beautiful piece of furniture. They give any bathroom a …